An Angularjs Template

Responsive template that uses the Angularjs framework for loading pages.


Inspired by and using the example files from the excellent tutorial by Nick Kaye on Airpair, we've created a template that allows you to easily try out an Angularjs driven "single page" site. Having it on the platform allows you to easily create a site based on this template, edit on-line and easily try out Angularjs without any local set up.


What it contains

Angularjs is used to pull in Bootstrap styled components to form a multi-page site with pages such as services, pricing and contact us. Only having to load the partials rather than complete pages makes going from page to page very snappy.


Try it

This is an unforeseen use case for, but it seems to work well, and we will be building on this. Please give the template a try to see if you like it. The template can be previewed here and you can give it a try here.

Preview Template   Try now, it's Free!

With the platform you can start a site by getting a complete copy of this template with all the files preconfigured to work. The platform is totally free to use. All you have to do is substitute the content and images then tweak the css to get the theme you are looking for.

Angularjs Template